Welcome to the blogsite for the Pleasant Residents Association

The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Newmarket Supermarket appeal decision

It has been reported that the Planning Inspector has approved the plans for supermarket and housing on the Newmarket site. This overturns the rejection of the plans by East Lindsey District Council.

It's also reported that the supermarket will be a Co-op food store and could be finished by 2014.

Without seeing the Inspectors report it's difficult to know on what grounds it has been allowed but I suspect it's to do with the current government policy of a presumption in favour of sustainable development.
Local opinion, existing competition and question marks over access to the site carry no real weight in current planning policy. The thinking behind this policy is that if we build more shops we'll spend more and revive our ailing economy..I'm afraid I can't quite see the logic in that if it means the demise of existing shops and puts additional pressure at an already stressed junction.

We'll find out more when the report arrives and discuss options available to the residents.

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Big Lunch Sunday 2nd June 2013

We're having a "Big Lunch" get together this Sunday 12.30-2.30pm.
The Big Lunch website
It's your chance to meet the neighbours for an open air meal in the grounds of
St Michael's Church Hall, Mount Pleasant.
We'll provide the drinks and crockery..you just bring food to share :)

Fun and games for young and old...and a hanging basket planting session for our latest
idea for residents to "Adopt a basket of flowers".
We've currently got 17 baskets ordered by residents for hanging on the street side
of their properties...if you'd like one please get in touch. The baskets are free you
just need to care for them during the summer...it's easy!