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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Meeting minutes 2014

Pleasant Residents’ Association : 12/11/2014

Minutes of meeting: St Michaels’ Church Hall 7.30pm

Attendance: James Pocklington, Brian Shaw, Keith Scott, Liz Beadle, Neal Overton, Gary Dray, Diane Dray, Brenda Nutt, Eileen Howard, Dave Heal, Sylvia Scott, John Hough, Sarah Dodds, Patrick Purves, John Prior

Apologies: none
Minutes of the last meeting 08/10/14 agreed as a true record.

A presentation by Trevor Larder of the Lincolnshire Credit Union was given, and volunteers encouraged as well as investors.

·         James reported on the Mount Pleasant development and parking spaces.  Smaller flats were envisaged to overcome this issue. Sarah mentioned that future developments would be harder for ELDC to refuse as the Council was threatened with Special Measures.
·         Drainage issues on Spire View were mentioned and discussed by Liz and Neal
·         James reported the sub-station works had been completed.
·         Brian mentioned some Buddleia which still had not been cut back
·         James mentioned the Church House survey and all present were encouraged to complete a copy.
·         The Newsletter was mentioned.  In the absence of a more talented and serious-minded person, Patrick would be reserve editor.  It was stressed this was a last resort to be considered only in a dire emergency.
·         Gary mentioned an untaxed car on Mount Pleasant.
·         Brian had been trying to gather evidence that Watts Lane had been in use prior to about 1835.  If it has, it is adoptable as a highway.
·         Eileen mentioned overhanging growth on Watts Lane, Sarah would raise this with ELDC Environmental Health (Whom God Preserve)
·         Brian mentioned a complaint from HumBugs that our Association had bent a spoon or something.
·         John produced Dog Mess flyers and ties he had got from the Dog Warden and members took them to put up on lamp posts. He would ask for some more.
·         Dave mentioned contractors leaving mud and mess on Robinsons Lane and Mount Pleasant.  Sarah would raise it with Building Control.
·         Brian mentioned the Bonus Ball and needed gifts for the Raffle, and had had a request for another Table Top Sale, which it was agreed we might do around Easter.

There being no other business the meeting closed at around 8.45pm

Pleasant Residents’ Association : 08/10/14

Minutes of meeting: St Michaels’ Church Hall 7.30pm

Attendance: Eileen Howard, Di Dray, Dave Heal, Brian Shaw, John Prior, James Pocklington.

Apologies: Gary Dray, Patrick Purves, Sylvia Scott, Cllr Sarah Dodds, Cllr John Hough.

Minutes of the last meeting 10/09/14 agreed as a true record.

Matters arising

·         The ongoing issues with Watts Lane were discussed again in the forlorn hope that somehow, someone, somewhere would be able to solve the problem of a road that no-one maintains, but many use as a short cut. Eileen mentioned the speed that vehicles were travelling at on the road and her fears for pedestrian safety. The possible increase of traffic which is likely to be caused by the new Co-op shop led James to suggest that perhaps the Watts Lanes residents (for whom the restricted access was designed to protect) could unanimously agree to close the road at a suitable point and argue their rights to keep it that way, regardless of the established right of way.
James agreed to try to find a resident that would be happy to form a working group of Watts Lane residents.

·         James mentioned the application for the housing development at the end at Mount Pleasant was being reviewed by the developers following advice from ELDC planning with regards to the provision of car parking spaces.
·         Di suggested that the free panto tickets should be restricted to members of the Pleasant Residents’ Association.
·         James reported that following a conversation with the contractors responsible, he had been assured that the electricity sub-station on the Robinson Lane/Mount Pleasant footpath would be re-roofed, re-doored and fenced off by the end of October..hopefully this October.
·         James reported that the Table Top sale had gone well for a first attempt and approximately £70 was raised for Association funds. It was agreed that another one be held next year, possibly around Easter and a further one in the Summer
It was also suggested by one of the table toppers that a raffle be held to help raise funds, this was agreed to be a good idea and one that should be acted on next time round. Following criticism of the Chairman’s impromptu lunch break which created confusion and some resentment amongst the remaining committee members as no-one else had managed to get a break. James blamed Patrick for suggesting it, apologised for abandoning ship and promised that it wouldn’t happen again while he was Chairman.
·         James asked for volunteers to get some of the Church Hall Users Group (CHUG) consultation forms completed before the end of December. John agreed to complete a section of Mount Pleasant, Brian agreed to help with Mount Pleasant and Watts Lane.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.30pm


Pleasant Residents’ Association-Minutes of meeting- 13/08/14

Chris Waltham, Dave Heal, Brenda Nutt, Eileen Howard, Keith Scott, Neal Overton, Liz Beadle, Sylvia Scott, Brian Shaw, Di Dray, James Pocklington

Apologies: Gary Dray, Cllr Sarah Dodds, Cllr John Hough, Patrick Purves

Minutes from the last meeting were read and amended as follows:
Under the Mount Pleasant heading, it was Carole and not Brenda who had received a letter from ELDC.
The date of the next meeting should have been recorded as the 13th and not the 6th August.
Minutes were subsequently approved by the meeting.

Matters arising:

·         James read out the statement of objection by Louth Town Council to the proposed major housing development between Mount Pleasant Ave and Spire View. Neal informed the meeting that the ELDC planning office had recommended approval of the scheme but that Cllr Horton had called the application in to go before committee.
James agreed to write a letter of objection on behalf of the Residents’ Association on the grounds of over intensification/ increased flooding risk to surrounding district through the loss of existing green space. Sylvia asked that the additional load on the private road at the end Mount Pleasant be taken into account also.
·         James explained he had been in touch with Northern Powergrid with regard to the substation in the passage to Robinson’s Lane and was awaiting contact from the subcontractors who were commissioned to maintain the site.
·         Brian questioned whether the dumping of Buddleia trimmings on the Robinson Lane had been addressed. It was agreed to refer this to Cllr Dodds at the next meeting

…………………………………….New business…………………………………

·         Eileen mentioned the repeated temporary closure of Watts Lane by the contractors developing the old Brown’s site. It appears that permission had not been requested from the council in each instance. A group of residents have therefore decided that they too should be able to close the road at will and intend to do so in the coming months. James recalled the agreement to produce some signs to explain the restricted access to Watts Lane and organize street monitoring to advise motorists that they were in breach of the law by using the lane as a shortcut. This had yet to be done, but James agreed to action this as soon as possible.
The meeting was happy to support the residents in taking action to gain more publicity for Watts Lane and the increasingly dangerous volume of non residential traffic that uses it.
·         Dave Heal noticed that the new blue sign at the entrance to Watts Lane from Newmarket had been moved to further down Watts Lane on the boundary of the new building development. James agreed to investigate why and how that had happened.
·         James showed the meeting a copy of the new residents’ newsletter that was proposed for circulation this month. Eileen agreed to distribute some through Watts Lane, Keith agreed to deliver some in Spire View, Dave would deliver in Bramley Close.
·         James also mentioned the public consultation exercise for the renovation of St Michaels’ Church Hall, emphasizing how important it was to gain public support for the project in order to raise funds. James proposed that we enter some questions in the consultation with regard to the work of the Resident’s Association, this was agreed as a useful thing to do.The consultation would run from 1st September to 31st December 2014.
·         Brian suggested that a date be set for the Table top sale at St Michael’s Church Hall. This was agreed for the first Saturday in October (4th) to run from 10-2pm, refreshments would be sold on the day and a fee of £5 per table was set. Brian agreed to make some flyers and James agreed to book the Hall. Eileen suggested that it could be advertised on the Newsletter, this was agreed enthusiastically!
·         James offered his apologies for the next meeting, Brian agreed to chair if John was unavailable.

Meeting closed 8.35pm
Next meeting 10/09/14


Minute of  a meeting of the Pleasant Residents’ Association
9th July 2014


Chairman James Pocklington                      Gary Dray       Di Dray            Cllr Sarah Dodds        Brian Shaw
Dave Heal       Sylvia Scott    Cllr. Sue Locking        Carol Leslie     Brenda Nutt              Eileen Howard
Neal Overton             Keith Scott     John Prior
Apologies were noted from Cllr John Hough
The Minutes of the last meeting were read, and approved as amended  to include Cllr Sue Locking and apologies from Gary Dray
Mount Pleasant  - James mentioned the plans.  The application was going ahead, and Brenda had received a letter acknowledging her objection.  Discussion of neighbourhood plans.
Street Clean-  James reported it had been done last Sunday. Brian reported some problems with parked vehicles.  Dave mentioned it was a scanty job, no criticism of the driver, but short handed (only one man).   A staggered clean might be the answer; James would inform Danny.
Louth in Bloom – Sue mentioned that we were still in the running.
Alleyway Mt. Pleasant to Robinson Lane – Brian reported it was full of plants.  Sarah wouild get the council to take steps.  A discussion of the substation and its paintwork.  James would contact the owner, possibly YEB.
Springside- its condition was praised by Gary.
Libraries ­­– Sarah reported on the proposed judicial review and the cuts eroding Louth services.  The library path was likely to be repaired.
Spire View Development ­– Still at the environmental impact report stage. Dave mentioned a lack of confidence in Councillors and expressed disapproval of the budget cuts.
Newsletter – James proposed a quarterly Newletter with guest editors.  Patrick got volunteered.
Bench – James proposed a street art item called the Perch, to replace the old bench on Little Lane which had been dismantled.  All were in favour
Secondhand Sale – Brian said Dave and Alana had suggested a sale of donated items in the Hall for Association funds.  James suggested renting tables at the Hall for people to sell their own items.
Venue – James reported on the likelihood of part of the Church hall being redeveloped as residential
Pantomime - ~Brian confirmed this would be Beauty and the Beast.

Next meeting – 6th August
Concluded at 8.35 p.m.


Minute of  a meeting of the Pleasant Residents’ Association
11th June 2014


Chairman James Pocklington                      Eileen Howard           Cllr John Hough         Sylvia Scott   
Patrick  Purves           Neal Overton          Brian Shaw                                John Prior
Di Dray                        Dave Heal       Keith Scott     Cllr Sarah Dodds
Apologies were noted from Brenda Nutt and Brenda Nutt
The Minutes of the last meeting were read, and approved as amended – evidently the Big Lunch was at Holy Trinity.  James reported it was poorly attended, despite lavish catering staffed and possibly paid for by Halifax plc
Mount Pleasant  - Sarah reported on the plans by Chris Fairburn.  The application had been called in by Cllr. George Horton, who was in favour.  Residents were asked to attend on 17th July and oppose. James would write to ELD C with objections
Spire View -  Neal reported the development was still pending.
Louth in Bloom – Sue mentioned the judging on 17th July, showed a map and described the route.
Gatherums – the renovation was mentioned
Newmarket Browns Site­ – James had spoken to the site foreman about mud etc.
Social ­– James mentioned the Dog Racing night, it had been a good night and a small net sum had bee n raised.
Refuse- Eileen reported someone had tipped a whole green bin’s worth near her.
Security – Brian mentioned shed security and expressed a lack of confidence in the Police.
Watts Lane­ – this was to be closed, aspparently, but not at both ends, limiting the scope for an airlift or tunnel.  A pedestrian refuge was also considered, though not an Auberge or Hostel.  The issue of whether a footpath is a road when it is a drive.  The outcome was not clear, but reference to the highways map might assist.
Venue- James mentioned the forthcoming renovation of the Church Hall – he would run a consultation.  He also mentioned the variable quality of grass cutting on the verges, possibly down to different contractors.
Quiz night –Brian confirmed the next one might be cancelled, as support for past events had been very poor.
Next meeting – 9th July
Concluded at 8.35 p.m.


Minute of  the meeting of the Pleasant Residents’ Association
9th April 2014

Chairman James Pocklington                                               Eileen  Howard          Neal Overton
Cllr John Hough                                                         Sylvia Scott                Keith Scott
Patrick Purves                                                                        Liz Beadle                   Brenda Knutt
Brian Shaw-12 Mount Pleasant                               John Prior
Gary and Di Dray – 75 Church St                             Dave Heal                   Betty Pinfold
Apologies were noted from Sarah Dodds
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved
Arising – Eileen reported that a resident had reported a driver on Watts Lane for speeding.  The signage was discussed.
Judith Hall clarified that Watts Lane was a road in the 1839 Survey but not in the 1824 one.  It was an access to a farm in 1841, a green lane in 1861 and Watts Lane in 1861.  There was almost certainly a droving road to Julian Bower Cattle Market from about 1250 onwards.
Watts Lane was a cul-de-sac until the Council houses were built in about the early 1930s, when the end was opened up by Louth Borough Council.  The Borough repaired it for 40 years from 1933.  The Robinson Way development in the 1990s precluded building pedestrian footpaths and therefore adoption.
There had been no Council Tax abatement since the tax was introduced.  Some frontagers had paid to repair the road 3 times since 1977 with a contribution from ELDC and the Town Council.
Road monitoring would be done by James, Brian, Gary, John Prior and Patrick.  Dave Heal suggested a Press release announcing the legal position and our intention to report offenders.  James was working on some signs.
Judith asked for pressure to be brought to bear to provide a second access to Robinson Lane for emergency vehicles.
Other business
James mentioned the Big Lunch at Holy Trinity- would we wish to participate and take provisions?
The St. Michael’s Church Hall renovation was mentioned. An open meeting was to be held on 1st May.
The hanging baskets were being done again.  All approved.
Di mentioned we need a road sweep again on the roads, one Sunday soon.
Liz reported on building activity on Taylors Gardens, 82 Mount Pleasant, now 39 properties proposed, 3 of them accessing onto Mount Pleasant.  An environmental assessment was in hand.
Brian raised the issue of fund-raising.  The last quiz had been very poorly attended, 9 people turned up.  He asked for support for the race meeting on 30th May.
Finished 8.50 pm.  Next meeting was scheduled for 14th May.

Minute of  the AGM of the Pleasant Residents’ Association
9th April 2014


Chairman James Pocklington                                               Eileen  Howard          Neal Overton
Cllr John Hough                                                         Sylvia Scott                Keith Scott
Patrick Purves                                                                        Liz Beadle
Brian Shaw-12 Mount Pleasant                               John Prior
Gary and Di Dray – 75 Church St                             Dave Heal
Brenda Knutt                                                             Betty Pinfold
Apologies were noted from Sarah Dodds
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved
The Chairman reported that the year had been another good one.  The Association had had input into a planning decision on Newmarket and another on Mount Pleasant. Successful proposals had been made to the Boundary Commission, and we had continued with the bus route campaign.  There had been a skateboard presentation, we had organised No Through Road signs re Watts Lane/Little Lane/Mount Pleasant.   We had co-ordinated street cleaning and had a presentation from the PCSO, done a litter pick and the consultation about speed limits, and correspondence with Highways was ongoing..
For social enjoyment we had the Big Lunch, Quizzes, Christmas Social, hanging baskets and the Bonus Ball.  Thanks were due to all concerned, especially Brian Shaw.
Gary as Treasurer reported we had spent £130.08 more than we got in last year. The accounts were in order and all approved them.
Officers were all re-elected in post.
The AGM finished at 7.40 p.m.

Pleasant Residents Association

Minutes of meeting 12th March 2014

Present:  Brian Shaw, Sylvia Scott, Dave Heal, Eileen Howard, Brenda Nutt, Sandy Trafford, Di Dray, Gary Dray, Betty Pinfold, Keith Scott, Neal Overton and Patrick Purves.

Apologies:  James Pocklington, Liz Beadle

·        Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed

·         Arising

·         Patrick reported on the long letter from County Council legal Dept, about Watts Lane. Apparently it may have been a public right of way prior to the Reformation.  Brian would try to contact Judith Hall, an enthusiast of local history.  We would respond after that one.

·         Volunteers for marshalling on Watts Lane were Brian Shaw, Gary Dray and Patrick Purves.  A bigger team might be a good thing.  They  would need digital cameras and notebooks and high-visibility tabards.

·         Little Lane potholes had been patched.  Dave Heal reported the road was still scheduled for resurfacing.  The impact on Watts Lane would need to be considered

·         Eileen commented on the state of Mount Pleasant Avenue and dog mess on the playing field approaches.

·         Brian had booked an entertainer for the Christmas party which is on Saturday 20th December at 3.00 p.m.  He mentioned gas bulk-buying, and the neighbour struggling with a work permit – our MP had declined to assist.

·         Keith Scott raised the odd issue of plastic windows on Church Street,.  Some properties had them, but others (including his mother’s house) had had them refused.  The Conservation Area was being enforced inconsistently, it seemed.

·         Gary Dray made some observations on a planning decision concerning a door, and Brian mentioned his.

·         The recent swimming gala at the Sports Centre had resulted in much parking on-street, despite an overflow car park which had been largely empty.

·         Eileen mentioned she had raised £900 for Charity and thanked all those who had supported her following Eric’s decease.

·         There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:40 p.m.


Pleasant Residents Association
Minutes of meeting 12th February 2014
Present:  John Prior,  Dave Heal, James Pocklington, Brian Shaw, Sylvia Scott, John Hough,Sarah Dodds and Patrick Purves.
Apologies:  Brenda Nutt, Gary Dray, Di Dray
·         Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed
·         Arising – We had had a reply from Lincolnshire County Council about Watts Lane.  The letter asserted that the authority had no power to put speed limitations on highway, which was obvious nonsense.  Patrick was to respond in strong terms.
·          The Association agreed to put signs at the ends of Watts Lane along the lines of “Residents and authorised vehicles only – number plate monitoring in place”.  Later in the year we would need volunteers to monitor number plates and photograph and report offenders.
·         Buses –Sarah reported she had a meeting on Monday of the bus Round Table and would feed back information at the next meeting.  John had seen a bus on Mercer Row.  A precedent had been set, granted that the bus struggled to get past a loading bay.
·         The AGM was agreed for the April meeting
·         Dave mentioned Little Lane was filthy, with litter and rubbish.  A new dog owner was also allowing a dog to foul the pavements.  Sarah suggested contacting the District Council about the rubbish and the one Dog Warden we have.
·         Dave also mentioned Little Lane being resurfaced, and the impact on traffic flow.  This was discussed.
·         Sylvia raised the topic of plastic recycling.  The Council guidance was contradictory and misleading (“The Messenger”).
·         Brian mentioned a number of items. 
A) we should revive the children’s Christmas party.  Sarah suggested a summer one as well. 
B) we should encourage bulk buying of electricity and gas.  Sarah mentioned that if anyone could not join  onlne she could help.  It was agreed it was not for everyone. 
C) Re a neighbour struggling to get a UK work permit.  John suggested contacting our MP. 
D) The Police HQ response to a neighbour’s consternation and upset following a tragic death on Mount Pleasant.  This had been dismissive and cavalier.  All agreed this should be the subject of a formal complaint.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:40 

Pleasant Residents Association
Minutes of meeting 8th January 2014
Present:  Neal Overton,  Kevin Scott, John Prior, Liz Beadle, Brenda Nutt, Di Dray, Gary Dray, Dave Heal, James Pocklington, Brian Shaw, Eileen Howard, Angela Stephenson, Sylvia Scott, John Hough and Patrick Purves.
Apologies:  Mick Kingswood and Sarah Dodds
·         Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed
·         Arising – We had had a reply from Lincolnshire County Council about Watts Lane.  There was a correction to Patrick’s earlier advice, as the County Council no longer directly provides policing.  Their letter was inadequate to address the liability issue, and a strong reply was authorised.
·         There was a discussion about the ownership of land vs rights of way over it, whether public or private.
·         Buses – James reported the bus route and parking enforcement were being reviewed in the round following strong representations by the public and the Town Council.
·         There was a discussion of the national and local Blue Badge disabled parking arrangements, in which the distinction between District Council owned car parks and adopted highways was highlighted.
·         Those who attended the pantomime and quiz night expressed appreciation of the events.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:20 p.m.

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