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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Speed management review

This is a copy of an email I sent to Louise Tyers, Scrutiny Officer LCC on 27th February 2014

Hi Louise,
On behalf of our residents association I would like to state our support for an introduction
of enforceable 20 mph speed limits on residential streets and town centres.
It's difficult to see what the downside is to this. 
  •    There has been an argument put forward that because car engines run more economically at 30mph than 20mph, which at a steady speed is generally correct. However more fuel is used in accelerating to 30 mph than to 20 mph, so in normal use a car will always use more fuel to attain 30mph  between junctionc/traffic lights than levelling off at 20mph.
  •    It might take a minute or two longer to complete a short journey across a neighbourhood, but are we so bad at time management that this issue can be a realistic objection to the many benefits of speed reduction?
The benefits are 
  •    Safer roads, because coming to a dead stop from 20mph happens in approximately 3 car lengths, whereas it takes six car lengths to stop from 30mph
  •    A less intimidating environment for cyclists and pedestrians, encouraging sustainable travel.
  •    Lowering urban and residential speed limits to 20 mph has been found to decrease child pedestrian accidents by up to 70%(Transport Research Laboratory). In Portsmouth the 20mph limit on all residential roads has reduced casualties by 22%.
We realise that there will be costs attached to the introduction of such a policy in terms of signage and awareness raising, but we believe the public investment in controlling a 20mph urban speed limit will be repaid in healthier , happier and safer neighbourhoods .
James Pocklington
Pleasant Residents Association
Minutes of meeting 12th February 2014
Present:  John Prior,  Dave Heal, James Pocklington, Brian Shaw, Sylvia Scott, John Hough,Sarah Dodds and Patrick Purves.
Apologies:  Brenda Nutt, Gary Dray, Di Dray
·         Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed
·         Arising – We had had a reply from Lincolnshire County Council about Watts Lane.  The letter asserted that the authority had no power to put speed limitations on highway, which was obvious nonsense.  Patrick was to respond in strong terms.
·          The Association agreed to put signs at the ends of Watts Lane along the lines of “Residents and authorised vehicles only – number plate monitoring in place”.  Later in the year we would need volunteers to monitor number plates and photograph and report offenders.
·         Buses –Sarah reported she had a meeting on Monday of the bus Round Table and would feed back information at the next meeting.  John had seen a bus on Mercer Row.  A precedent had been set, granted that the bus struggled to get past a loading bay.
·         The AGM was agreed for the April meeting
·         Dave mentioned Little Lane was filthy, with litter and rubbish.  A new dog owner was also allowing a dog to foul the pavements.  Sarah suggested contacting the District Council about the rubbish and the one Dog Warden we have.
·         Dave also mentioned Little Lane being resurfaced, and the impact on traffic flow.  This was discussed.
·         Sylvia raised the topic of plastic recycling.  The Council guidance was contradictory and misleading (“The Messenger”).
·         Brian mentioned a number of items. 
A) we should revive the children’s Christmas party.  Sarah suggested a summer one as well. 
B) we should encourage bulk buying of electricity and gas.  Sarah mentioned that if anyone could not join  onlne she could help.  It was agreed it was not for everyone. 
C) Re a neighbour struggling to get a UK work permit.  John suggested contacting our MP. 
D) The Police HQ response to a neighbour’s consternation and upset following a tragic death on Mount Pleasant.  This had been dismissive and cavalier.  All agreed this should be the subject of a formal complaint.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:40 p.m.
Pleasant Residents Association
Minutes of meeting 8th January 2014
Present:  Neal Overton,  Kevin Scott, John Prior, Liz Beadle, Brenda Nutt, Di Dray, Gary Dray, Dave Heal, James Pocklington, Brian Shaw, Eileen Howard, Angela Stephenson, Sylvia Scott, John Hough and Patrick Purves.
Apologies:  Mick Kingswood and Sarah Dodds
·         Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed
·         Arising – We had had a reply from Lincolnshire County Council about Watts Lane.  There was a correction to Patrick’s earlier advice, as the County Council no longer directly provides policing.  Their letter was inadequate to address the liability issue, and a strong reply was authorised.
·         There was a discussion about the ownership of land vs rights of way over it, whether public or private.
·         Buses – James reported the bus route and parking enforcement were being reviewed in the round following strong representations by the public and the Town Council.
·         There was a discussion of the national and local Blue Badge disabled parking arrangements, in which the distinction between District Council owned car parks and adopted highways was highlighted.
·         Those who attended the pantomime and quiz night expressed appreciation of the events.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:20 p.m.

Pleasant Residents Association
Minutes of meeting 11th December 2013
Present: James Pocklington, Brian Shaw, Eileen Howard, Mick Kingswood, Keith Scott, Brenda Nutt, Dave Heal, John Prior, John Hough, Liz Beadle, Neil Overton, Sarah Dodds.
Apologies:  Sylvia Scott gave apologies at the previous meeting ; Di Dray for self and Gary Dray
·         Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed
·         Arising – future meetings might be on the other side of the Hall in a few months.
·         John Prior reported on the meeting recently relating to the Cattle Market.  It was notable how many developments had been absorbed into the Town since the late 1970s.  If permitted, the Cattle Market would probably be developed in 2017-2018, and would take into account public consultation and the question of whether a cattle market was needed.  There was a lively discussion of planning policy generally.
·         Sarah Dodds reported on a recent meeting feeding back complaints of inconsistent parking enforcement to Mick Phoenix.  Issues were aired about disabled bays; it was confirmed the official policy is that the rules should be enforced consistently and strictly.
·         John Hough reported that Lincolnshire County Council is reviewing speed limits.  There was a survey online, or a form, due in by 9th February 2014.
·         Eileen Howard reported that someone had kindly filled in the holes in Watts Lane and tamped them down.  Patrick reported on the letter sent to Lincolnshire County Council Legal Department, and the lack of a response.
·         The Quiz Night and Social was to be held on Friday 20th December at 7.30 with a raffle.
·         Discussion of road markings ensued.  John Hough reported the County Council had agreed to review the whole picture.
Meeting closed at 8.30 pm approximately.
Note – added to assist members in identifying which Council to contact/discuss
The Councils do these things:-
County Council – Highways, Education, Policing, some others.
District Council – Town Planning, Arts (except possibly ELDC) Public Health, Council Tax and Business Rate Collection, Waste Collection, Licensing (drinks, entertainment), some others.
Town and Parish Councils – gathering opinion, input into local Planning Applications, vetting licensing and other matters going before District and County Councils, a deceptively important Local Government force, with additional ceremonial and granting functions.
Yrs. R. Cratchitt,
Clerk to the Association.

Happy New Year everyone!
Pleasant Residents Association
Minutes of meeting 13th November 2013
Present: Dave Heal, James Pocklington, Gary Dray, Di Dray, Sylvia Scott, Eileen Howard, Brian Shaw, John Prior, Betty Pinfold, Heather Rolfe, Patrick Purves.
Apologies:Cllr John Hough, Cllr Sarah Dodds, Brenda Nutt, Alan Beadle.  Sylvia Scott gave apologies for the next meeting.
·         Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed
·         James had raised the issue of fences on the Newmarket Development with Metarsis
·         Some discussion of issues on the development at the junction of Monks Dyke and Little Lane.  Workers had made a very deep hole in the courtyard affair, and this was being looked into.w
·         Discussion of the impact on local planning applications of the supposed empowerment of local people in setting criteria for development.  Evidently the spate of applications resulted from the absence of a local core strategy, meaning anyone can apply for anything and get it on appeal if refused at ELDC level.
·         Eileen Howard raised very serious concerns about traffic on Watts Lane.  After discussion, including insurance aspects and a report from Patrick coupled with advice, it was agreed we would approach Lincolnshire County Council as Police and Highway authority to highlight consistent traffic offending (use as a through road) and the major hazard resulting from the lack of effective signage and speed controls, e.g. chicanes and effective speed humps.  This was to be implemented and followed up as necessary.  James reported Metarsis had promised to fill in the potholes.
·         James also reported that the broken streetlight on Little Lane was being repaired, and that the Police were monitoring the activities on Mount Pleasant.   The bus route on Church Street was still under review.
·         There were discussions of the attitude of Traffic Wardens towards leniency versus strictness.  Some residents felt this was uneven and strong words were expressed.  Sleaford was an example of this, apparently, but fortunately is over an hour’s drive away.  Our local warden was accused of sneaking around doing his job properly, which was unacceptable.  Patrick spoilt it a bit by reminding all present that parking on a prohibited zone was risking a fine, and if you didn’t get one you were ahead of the game.  This view appeared to be unpopular.
·         Brian reported he had met the Vicar and there were likely to be changes in our meeting venue, but of an up-to-now unspecified nature.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm approximately, with mutual expressions of goodwill and amity.