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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Minutes of meeting 9th June 2010

Minutes of Pleasant Residents Association 9th June 2010
St Michaels Church Hall, Mount Pleasant, 7.30pm

In attendance: Kim Carter, Eric & Eileen Howard, Brenda Nutt, Joanna Green, Bob Frankum, Sylvia Scott, John & Chris Scott, Carol Leslie, Margaret Thomson, John Prior, Dave Heal, Leon and Jasmine Page, Cllr John Hough, Bob Oliver, Miss Pinfold, James Pocklington

Apologies : Brian Shaw, Donna Lyons, Andrea Prior

The minutes were read and recorded as being correct apart from one amendment to the amount raised by the quiz night which was incorrect.

Matters arising:
  •       The development of 35 Mount Pleasant was raised, John Prior suggested that there may yet be an appeal so a bit early to celebrate outright victory. Cllr Hough wasn’t aware of any appeal but did point out the change to government planning guidelines which would categorise gardens as green field sites making it less likely for permission to be given if the site could be distinguished as a garden.
  •        The blogsite had been visited by a few residents who thought it looked good and would help to promote the association. It was agreed to get the blog address on the next batch of flyers.
  •       The driver of the Translinc bus that regularly mounts the kerb had been identified, Kim agreed to speak to Translinc to make them aware of the situation.

Other Business:
  •       James confirmed that the £100 grant from Cllr Hough would be in the bank within the next few days and thanked John for his assistance.
  •       Speeding cars in the neighbourhood continue to be a concern, Cllr Hough said he would relay the concerns to the relevant Police Inspector and request that a PCSO attend an Association meeting in the near future.
  •        Cllr Hough reported that the new street lights on the path from Watts Lane to Spire View should be connected and working very soon .
  •       Kim agreed to invite our local town councillors to the next meeting.
  •       Eileen Howard pointed out that there were still some uncovered manholes on the derelict site on the corner of Watts Lane.  The meeting was concerned that children playing on the site were at risk and Kim agreed to highlight our concerns with the selling agents.
  •       The issue of ELDC refuse lorries using Watts lane as an access lane unnecessarily was raised ,Kim agreed to talk to one of the drivers to see if they could take a different route.
  •       Bob Frankum suggested that when the site is developed that some condition should be made that a footpath along Watts Lane is incorporated into the plans. Cllr Hough wasn’t aware of any plans for the site as yet.
  •       A number of residents expressed concern about the safety of pedestrians when leaving the shop at the junction of Watts Lane and Newmarket.  Now that the area has been opened out cars are approaching with less caution and awareness of shoppers turning out of shop door way straight on to Watts Lane.
  •       Cllr Hough suggested that we could share ideas and events with the Monks Park residents association, the meeting agreed this would be a good idea, Cllr Hough said he would ask Donna and Debbie from Linx to arrange a meeting between the two associations.
  •       Leon asked the meeting if something could be done with the overhanging bushes that make it difficult to get down the pathway to the park at the end of Watts Lane. Cllr Hough suggested that a complaint is made to ELDC, Kim agreed to do that. Jasmine agreed with Leon and explained how she had been stung by nettles down the same path.
  •       Kim announced another Quiz night to be held in St Michaels church hall in July all funds in aid of St Michaels Church. To enter a team of 4 will cost £20 including light refreshments.

Meeting closed at 8.10pm
Next meeting 7th July

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