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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Minutes of 8th September meeting

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 8th September 2010 , 7.30pm at St Michael’s Church Rooms, Louth
Attended by: Eileen & Eric Howard, John Hough, Brenda Nutt, Joanna Green, Jasmin and Leon Page, Bob Oliver, Chris Scott, Betty Pinfold, James Pocklington , Kim Carter, Brian Shaw

Apologies: David Newlove, David Heal, Veronica Lee.

Minutes read, signed and approved.

Matters arising: Brian has made contact with Translinc and the bus is no longer being driven on the pavement down Mount Pleasant.
James reported that he had spoken to the PCSO regarding speeding down Little Lane, the conclusion being that as there is a 30 mph limit, there is little action they can take. James then spoke to Ian Mickleburgh at Lincs Highways who acknowledged that this area was a cause for concern and said he would try to get a speed monitor on the street for a week to record traffic activity. John explained that if the recorded speeds are around 20mph it would be easier to introduce a 20mph speed limit, than if higher speeds are recorded.
Brian said that the owners of the site on the corner of Little Lane and Monks Dyke Rd would shortly be given official notice to tidy the site within 28 days.
Brian explained that he had dropped in some flyers to relevant town councillors, James agreed to offer a personal invitation to either Sue Locking or Trevor Marris to attend the October meeting.
Brian has left a message with the Dog warden but had had no reply.
Eileen reported that large items of furniture had been dumped on Watts Lane and that there were repeated incidents of dog mess being left on the road.
No further news on development of Brown’s garage site, but opened manholes still posing a hazard.
Brian requested help with collecting Bonus ball funds from Mount Pleasant Ave.
Motorbike activity on Railway walk seems to have been curbed by the locks being replaced to the gate and a new sign prohibiting motorcycles. Eileen reported that a helmet less motorcyclist was doing a “circuit” of Watts lane cutting through the walkway into Robinsons Lane. Kim said she would try to get the Reg.no. and report the individual.
Brian contacted ELDC about the debris in Watts lane play area they promised to get the Police to monitor the issue.
Brian also explained that the grass in front of Andy Dobson’s home would be cut eventually by the council, but as yet still not being done.
John reported that Robert Frost of ELDC was addressing some technical issues with the new street lights on the path towards the play area, and hopefully this long running saga would be concluded soon.
Brian raised the issue of the reported withdrawal of residential wardens from some areas of Louth. John agreed that this was a very real concern and encouraged residents to make their feelings known to the Council.
James asked John if there had been any news on the planning appeal for the development at no.35 Mount Pleasant. John had nothing to report as yet.
Brian informed the meeting of two events planned for the area’s residents. On January 15th a proposed trip to “Jack and the beanstalk” at the Playgoers theatre for 20 local children and 3 adults.
Also a senior citizens, fish and chip supper with musical contributions from local performers, and a chance to reminisce on wartime experiences. The meeting agreed that these were excellent community events to promote in our neighbourhood.
John mentioned that the Monks Dyke Residents Association were holding a Xmas dinner in a local venue on Monday 13th December and invited members of our association to join them.
Meeting ended 8.35pm

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