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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sainsbury's alcohol licence

There was a licencing committee meeting today at ELDC. The alcohol licence for Sainsbury's proposed Newmarket store was to be decided. Brian and I attended on behalf of the Pleasant Residents Association to explain our objection to the proposal to serve alcohol and takeaway food from 6am till midnight 7 days a week.
One minute before we were due to go into the council chamber Sainsbury's solicitor told us that in view of resident's concerns they were amending the application to 7am-11pm for alcohol only and would withdraw the request for a refreshments (hot take away food) completely. We explained our concerns about the negative effects the proposed store would have on existing businesses, possible public nuisance and highways but the committee could only take into account specific arguments against this imagined store selling alcohol.
Despite Coun. George Horton's attempt to get the committee to amend the licence to 11am-10pm, the committee appeared unable to do this and consequently granted the amended Sainsbury's application.

Sainsbury's have yet to submit a planning application for the store but we understand that this is on the way.

The next meeting of the association is on Wednesday 13th April at St Michael's Church Hall,
if you would like to express your views on this proposed store please come along.

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