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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Minute of  a meeting of the Pleasant Residents’ Association

14th August 2013– 7.30 pm
Chairman James Pocklington            Brenda Nutt         Linda Scott            Dave Heal              Gary Dray              Sylvia Scott Neal Overton                Sarah Dodds         Patrick Purves      Eileen Howard      Mick Kingswood  A Hammond         RHammond           Tracey Ruddock and John Andrews from Louth XSports
Apologies were received from, Brian Shaw, Eric Howard, Di Dray, Betty Pinfold and John Hough
Minutes of last meeting – circulated, read and approved, except  that R Scott was not Richard, but another R Scott, what are the odds?
Skate Park – a presentation by Tracey and Andrew was considered.  Much progress had been made, it would be a set of rubberised ply low-noise obstacles in an insured publicly accessible area near the Multi Use Games Area at the Leisure Centre; the group was constituted to meet the need exemplified by young and grown up skate boarders and BMX enthusiasts currently cycling to Grimsby to use facilities there, or being hounded off schools and car parks in Louth.  This would be a terrific asset.  Sarah Dodds volunteered to receive any enquiries,.  The group needed to raise £100,000 but had some European funding to assist with this.  Other sites suggested by Dave  e..g. the former Cattle Market and Tedder Hall Car Park were impractical due to the ground works required.
Some concerns about noise, supervision, safety etc were covered and Dave and Tracey then left with their sandwich board.
 Arising from minutes–
Lowered footpaths – Dave Heal mentioned he had continued tor raise issues with  Traffic Wardens, the Police etc over the issue of obstruction.  Sarah Dodds recommended reporting occurrences of pavement parking as they arose.  It was a Police matter.  The Warden stopping his scooter on yellow lines was technically a traffic violation.
Parking – the decision by ELDC to stop all free parking was clogging the streets.  The bus route was still up Church Street, and Eileen Howard reported that the resulting compression of the surface was causing blowback in the drains at the elderly flats.  Dave Heal’s son’s mother-in-law had lived on Church Street and lorries used to interrupt the electrical supply.  Overflow traffic would worsen the problems on Watts Lane.
Farm Miasma – Sarah Dodds gave advice on how to report occurrences of the smell from the PigFarm.  Apparently the animals were being moved but the slurry pit was still in use.  There was a real prospect of improvement soon.
Dog Mess -   Sarah reported that one of the two District Dog Wardens had been made redundant, so now there was one.  Effectively the service was suspended for the foreseeable future.
Street Cleaning – Dave reported it had been the customary cock-up. (note – this is an 18th Century musket reference and not an indecent expression)  However, the great majority of residents had co-operated with leaving the roads clear which was appreciated by the meeting.
Old Browns Garage Site ­– James had written to the Co-Op as planned
Watts Lane-  Dave Heal mentioned the situation at Humberstone and how it might affect this issue.  Patrick Purves reported that none of the even numbered properties on Watts Lane was recorded as owning part of the road bed. Eileen Howard reported a serious problem with the Ambulance Service not being able to find Watts Lane. 
Proposed developments  R Hammond mentioned the storm water run-off recently, which added to concerns about the impact on amenity and infrastructure which might result from more building..  Sarah Dodds explained that there were some civil engineering issues about underground watercourses in the Monks Dyke and Aswell Hole areas, which were being passed from one Council to another in the customary game of Local Authority Badminton.  At any rate something was being done about it, and the engineers were on the case.
Subsequently the meeting closed at about 8:50  pm

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