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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Meeting 8th June

Minutes of last meeting 8th June 2011

Special Guest: David Robinson OBE gave a short, fact filled history of Louth Museum. From the early beginnings in 1884 when five teenage boys, who were interested with the natural world, filled a greenhouse in Aswell St. with specimens and artefacts, to the latest home for Louth Museum on Broadbank, David relayed all of the important achievements of the Museum with passion and enthusiasm and most impressively without any notes!

Meeting attendees :Brian Shaw, Di Dray, Brenda Nutt, Eileen & Eric Howard, Judith Hall, Anita Hammond, David & Sandra Jaines, Sandie Trafford, Sylvia Scott, Cllr G.Horton, M Hatrick, Mick Graves,Cllr J Hough,Cllr S Dodds, Betty Pinfold, Cllr J Makinson-Sanders, D Heal, Cllr S. Locking, Bas Odedra, P Rayayrumar, Jason Abrams, James Pocklington

· Sainsbury’s application: Cllr Dodds gave a brief review of the current situation and informed the meeting that the proposals had been “called in” which meant that they would have to be discussed at a meeting of district councillors. Cllr Dodds said that it was vital that the residents have their say on the possible impacts of such a development in their community. Cllr Horton explained that there had to be some structure to the objections and not just an “out of hand” rejection. There followed a general discussion on the specific concerns with the proposals, the key ones mentioned were: Problems with access to the site from an already stressed highway. Issues with moving the bus stop closer to the entrance to Watts lane, restricting vision. Building close to the unadopted, single track status of Watts lane will create additional problems for local residents. Possible flood risk. The moral issue of placing unfair competition so close to existing independent stores. Cllr Dodds closed the discussion by suggesting that a further residents’ meeting is held prior to the planning committee meeting and that residents’ concerns be organised into a structured objection. It was hoped this would be in the first week in July.

· There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45pm, giving residents’ the opportunity to study the full set of plans of the Sainsbury’s proposal.

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