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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Minute of  a meeting of the Pleasant Residents’ Association
10th April 2013– 7.30 pm
Chairman James Pocklington             Eileen and Eric Howard       Sylvia Scott           Mick Kingswood
Dave Heal              Liz Beadle              John Prior                              Gary Dray              Brian Shaw
Patrick Purves      John Hough           Di Dray                                   Brenda Nutt         Betty Pinfold
Cliff Cowling          Rachael Cowling   Cathy Kearnan                      Anita Hammond 
Apologies – Richard Scott, Sarah Dodds
               Minutes –read and approved save that Brian Shaw was at last meeting
               Arising –   BUSES – James, Dave, Brian and Gary went to the Town Hall  bus round table meeting.  Other areas wanted the route to continue on Church Street, Dave Skepper had promised to review this, and it remains under review until the parking issues on Mercer Row were solved.  There was a discussion of the issues, including Blue Badge disabled parking – this does not extend to loading bays (John Hough clarified this).  It was suggested that the facility be time-limited.  The next meeting on 2nd May would be reported on in due course.
BROWN’S SITE – evidently more potential developers were interested in this, though there is to be a site visit soon by the planning inspector in relation to the appeal by the developers for the Sainsbury’s proposal.
PLANNING – 82 Mount Pleasant.  Sylvia reported the plans had been validated.  John Hough explained this meant the application was now officially in and the infrastructure and environment aspects had been considered. John Hough explained that there had been a meeting with residents and Graeme Butler of LCC Highways with regard to a number of traffic issues in the area , further details to follow.
WATTS LANE – John Hough reported on the meeting on 2nd April with Dean Myhill of LCC Highways.  He suggested concentrating on the bad section by getting a contractor to cut out and fill the holes.  After settling LCC would surface dress, which would last for up to 12 years.  That part would cost up to £3.50 per square metre.  Dave Fairburn should be invited to consider the job, and proposed speed humps.  The discussion followed the old paths, bollards, policing, why things that were so, were in fact so, and could not be rectified without a (expletive) time machine.  However, some progress took place in that Patrick Purves offered to buy copies of titles from the Land Registry to show who owned which bits of road , it was agreed that this would be paid for out of association funds.  It was also agreed the signage on the entrance to Watts Lane needed clarifying.
FORTHCOMING YEAR – the meeting turned to the Lovely Louth initiative, and hanging baskets to be provided to all who would display and care for them.  Brian Shaw agreed to get some materials.  A summer Big Lunch with food, music etc would be set for Sunday 2nd June, in St. Michael’s Parish Hall.
BRIAN SHAW – raised the issue of Councillors’ non-financial interests no longer being declared.  There would be a petition to require Councillors to declare these.
OTHER BUSINESS – John Hough was meeting Dean Myhill again and would report at the next meeting.  John Prior raised the remarkable 7 Town Houses on the fag-packet sized plot on the Church Street/Monk’s Dyke junction and the mud and spoil on the road.  Sylvia mentioned the proposal to charge for removing green waste, and the recycling of such things as tea-bags, peelings etc.  The meeting felt there was a tendency there to deter recycling and encourage fly-tipping.  Not everyone wanted a compost heap, for fear of rats.  This was agreed to be a backward step, if implemented.
QUIZ – Brian mentioned the 26th April Quiz. There being no other business the meeting closed at about 8:40 pm

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