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The Pleasant Residents' Association was formed a number of years ago to act as a focal point for all Residents in the Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Little Lane,Robinson Lane estate and Watts Lane area.

Currently the association has suspended it's activities due to lack of volunteers to stand for committee.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Minute of  a meeting of the Pleasant Residents’ Association
8th May 2013– 7.30 pm
Chairman James Pocklington, John Prior, Sylvia Scott,  Cllr John Hough, Brian Shaw, unfortunately I did not pick up the attendees list at the end of the meeting.

Apologies – Brenda Nutt, Richard Scott, Alan Beadle, Cllr Sarah Dodds
Minutes of last meeting – circulated, read and presumably approved
Arising – John Prior reported the micro- building site halfway down Church Street was on sand and needed piling at a cost of about £10,000.  The plans were on the ELDC website.  There was a discussion about access, and the time machine was again urgently required to travel back to 2006 and object to the plan, which was compared to a pigeon loft.
The development at 82 Mount Pleasant  - application had not been lodged yet but elevations and a block plan had gone in. It was likely that Spire View would be changed from a cul-de-sac into a through road
Watts Lane was discussed again.  Until we had a figure for the repairs it would not be possible to consider this aspect.  However John Hough confirmed Highways at LCC were being pressed to make more visible and prominent signage.  Highways had also offered to extend the parking restrictions at the top of Little Lane.  The Mount Pleasant one way section was currently on an advisory rather than weight restriction basis.  Bollards were mentioned,  John H explained about the use of road markings to show a narrower approach.  If weight restrictions went in, there would be problems with bin collection and delivery vehicles.  It was also agreed a No Through Road should be put at the East end of Mount Pleasant.
There was mention of rampant pavement parking on Little Lane.  James P would have a word with the owners concerned.  The developers were also cluttering up the thoroughfare..
John Hough reported that a No Through Road sign was also being considered for the foot of Little Lane, as lorries were going up there and getting hopelessly lost.  All this was approved.  There was then yet another time-machine requisition to go back several years to put right what had already happened.  The Secretary would try to book the Starship Enterprise for the use of the various Space Cadets who keep bringing this up.
James P then turned to the true purposes of the meeting.  The basket of flowers idea for Louth In Bloom was being actioned with flyers being circulated to selected properties The idea of padlocking the hanging baskets was mooted in view of the likelihood of horticrimes on the streets.
The Big Lunch was set for Sunday 2nd June.  James had some lettuce seeds to offer to the willing and able.  No takers
James and others had carried out a litter pick on the old Brown’s Garage site.  This would be resumed that Friday.  A planning inspector had been seen on the site, alone, re the appeal.
The Festival of Bees flyers were mentioned.
Patrick reported on the slow and laborious process of discovering which , if any, Watts Lane properties were on record as owning the road bed (none so far).  A discussion of archive documents proving (inter alia) that the Old Vicarage did not exist, and that Watts Lane was in Marshchapel, and was aligned with the Pyramids (or something).  Patrick expressed a preference for relying on current records, especially if it meant that the road-bed did not in fact belong to the properties, whose owners would therefore not be responsible for repairs.
The meeting closed at about 8.45 p.m.

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